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    Green Entrepreneurs believe that doing good and financial profit can go hand in hand. They work to provide innovations, services and products that include the impact on the environment and socio-cultural structures (i.e. focussing on employng youth and/ or women). Although Green Entrepreneurs are somewhat of a rare breed, they certainly exist. This platform assists in supporting and promoting these entrepreneurs to ensure that today’s business ventures are providing for a greener and more inclusive tomorrow.

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    • Coworking

      Hivos has founded and supported various coworking spaces, maker spaces and labs around the globe. They provide a soft landingspot for entrepreneurs to come together and work. Additionally, digital spaces and have been developed and supported, providing a digital environment for information exchange, online mentoring and peer-to-peer exchange.

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    • Tools

      Hivos is part of a global network of various knowledge partners to gather, discuss and disseminate information. An example of knowledge exchange is found through the ‘Change Labs’. Together with government agencies, civil society, companies, academics and consumers, these open spaces provide a platform that allows people to address the complex challenges of their sectors.

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    • Acces to finance

      The Entrepreneurship Support Program combines the impact of a financial trajectory of crowdfunding, grants, equity, debt and loans for enterprises with tailored financial advisory support. Hivos works closely with its impact investment company Hivos Impact Investments and Hivos Triodos Fund. Additionally, Hivos has a broad network of financial agencies and investment partners around the globe. We bring local and global networks and financial agencies to our events and connect them to our network of entrepreneurs.

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    • Lobby and Advocacy

      By informing and supporting governments and civil society we promote integration of enabling policies and regulations for entrepreneurs. Government and private sector targetted lobby and advocacy activities on sustainable diets, inclusive energy and women’s economic empowerment complements the activities and agenda of our holistic Entrepreneurship Support Program.

    • Entrepreneurship functions as an ideal gateway for income generation, while having the ability to tackle various socio-cultural, economic and environmental dilemmas. Network building, information exchange and access are vital for success.