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Coworking spaces

With partners such as Ushadidi and Afrilabs, and structured programs such as Making All Voices Count programme and Mideast Creatives, we started training and supporting emerging tech hubs, maker spaces and coworking spaces in the global South. These now present a thriving scene and form the backbone for innovation with support in our Change Lab Approach on Renewable Energy, Sustainable Food and Living Wage. We host our own and support local hubs, incubators, accelerators and creative spaces for new discussions, impulses and ventures in the region among (young) entrepreneurs.

During the Coworking Summit (co-organised by Hivos), the international coworking community has identified the following key elements around its activities:

  • Offering a space that self-identifies itself as a coworking space or language very close to this (including makerspace, change/ innovation lab, hackerspace, fablab, popup hub and techshop).
  • Offers a range of membership options (daily, weekly, monthly) and/ or an open ‘membership process’ for various people to join and work;
  • Offers facilities including some form of community space.
  • Offers activities and facilitation that encourage/ creates a community.
  • Coworking and mutual exchange is encouraged and a part of the facility offering.

Digital Coworking

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Online peer-to-peer learning is a mutually beneficial concept which recognises everyone as both a teacher and a learner. We facilitate continuous development by encouraging various players (with a focus on entrepreneurs) to engage in digital exchange through collaboration, networking, discussion and information sharing. Enabling entrepreneurs and the overall entrepreneurship ecosystem around the globe to enhance knowledge, insights, markets and best practices.

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This page is meant to provide a broad international overview for entrepreneurs looking for working spaces and a community of peers. Feel free to contact us and add your input.


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