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Green Entrepreneurs

Around the globe, businesses are increasingly taking environmental and social performance into account. This shift from simply measuring businesses by their financial success, has led to the development of a new kind of business executive: the ‘Green Entrepreneur’. Green Entrepreneurs believe that doing good and profit making can go hand in hand. They work to provide innovations, services and products that include the impact on people and the environment.

Although Green Entrepreneurs are somewhat of a rare breed, they certainly exist. We target, source and select Green Entrepreneurs that have the potential to challenge and disrupt the unsustainable status quo. Individuals and companies with innovative business solutions that tackle some of today’s most pressing problems regarding resource stress, social pressure, climate change adaptation and migration.

Through the combined efforts of local and international partners, we are able to scout, train, mentor, support and invest in exceptional entrepreneurs. Companies can range from early stage to growth stage, but will always be known for their high impact as a sustainable, inclusive ‘green‘ business.