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  • Prefabulous delivers an ecological product and energy efficient housing solution. Malik Nouira started the company Prefabulous to produce 8m² housing modules that can be assembled and stacked to the customers wishes. The houses are made 100% out of wood, customization options are offered for better personalization of the product. A bedroom – for example for […]

  • Nutrition specialist Mas Watad designed her own numerical system of classifying foods, called Dawsat. She launched with cofounder Tally Zingher the Dawsat Wellness Center. The business model revolves around the Dawsat advice, guidance, follow ups and tips to women and families that helps address weight loss/diabetes management for an Arabic speaking audience. In addition to […]

  • L’Atelier du Miel is a brand and boutique in Beirut solely dedicated to honey and honey products. They moved beehives around the country, following the seasons. They found out Lebanon is the only country where you can produce honey during the whole year, due to the differences in flora, climate and in latitude. With investments […]