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  • RESCO is a Sumba (Indonesia) based service company, formed in 2016 under Sumba Iconic Island (SII) platform, initiated by Hivos. It is developed as social enterprise focusing on rural electrification solutions to provide services for solar PV installation and overall after sales service. Since 2016, RESCO has installed and operated many PV School systems, PV […]

  • Moloka produces goat milk-based products ranging from food to skincare by using only natural ingredients. The business started in 2011 from family farm in Parung, Bogor and has been through ups and downs since then. Goat milk is high in calcium and fatty acids (richer than cow milk) and low in cholesterol, amplifying the health […]

  • SiMaggie innovates with maggot to create a more affordable animal feed for farmers and more sustainable products for the environment. Concerned by the pricey animal feed that is generally unaffordable for farmers, SiMaggie has decided to make a difference by converting organic waste from hotels and restaurants and into maggots through a bioconversion process. The […]